VETART (Veterinary Reproductive Technologies) Ltd. represents state of the art services in modern horse breeding. We are specialised in the production of frozen semen, storage and distribution. The other main focus of the business is to advance the progress of Embryo Transfer in Northern Germany. Keeping a herd of 30 carefully selected recipient mares we provide you with a level headed, Warmblood-Type mare for your Embryo Transfer programme.

Two veterinary surgeons and a fully graduated AI-Technician (AI=Artificial Insemination) are taking care for your enquiries. By using modern reproductive technologies, constant further training all over the world and vigorous collaboration with international colleagues, we always try to be on top of the game!

Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer has become immensely popular over the recent years. It is a reproductive technique available for modern horse breeding that either can assist you to achieve a pregnancy from a mare that can’t get pregnant conventionally or has a busy competition schedule. The veterinary care for your donor mare can be directly done or supervised by the Equine Reproductive Veterinary Practice Buchenhof Stud (www.tierarztpraxis-buchenhof.de). If your own veterinary surgeon is doing the ultrasound scans of Donor and Recipient mares good communication between all parties involved is crucial to our mutual success.

VETART Ltd. can provide you with a carefully selected, reproductive sound recipient mare if you do not have a recipient mare of your own. All recipient mares are Warmbloods of different breeds (Holstein, Hanovarian, KWPN, Oldenburg)

Frozen Semen Production

Freezing your stallion’s semen is a less stressful and more efficient way to manage your stallion’s breeding programme. Semen will be collected and frozen at convenient times of the year, thus freeing your stallion for competition. We are offering our freezing services at a DEFRA approved AI centre. Our highly experienced team can offer you a very professional service and you know your stallion is in safe and capable hands.